The Most Important Questions to Guide a Real Wellness Philosophy and Lifestyle

Philosophers, poets, and many others, whether erudite and celebrated or ordinary in the sense of blending in with the general population, long have pondered life’s persistent questions.

This is how humans guide their way through life. Doing so is, of course, something of a luxury, a privilege primarily for those fortunate enough to have secured basic needs, such as ample food, shelter, education, safety and a good measure of leisure. Even under favorable circumstances, however, sorting out the mysteries and possibilities, and reaching satisfactory and effective decisions about existential questions, is among the hardest of challenges humans struggle to master.

In our time, an awareness of and commitment to REAL wellness lifestyles is likely to bring such matters to the forefront of priorities. In the course of thinking and acting upon ways to boost mental and physical wellbeing, it’s only natural to contemplate destiny-shaping questions.

Here are a few examples:

  • What qualities do I most value, and find attractive in others?
  • What exercise and diet patterns should I adopt, master and integrate into daily practice for lifetime fitness?
  • Who and what do I love most, and how can I experience more of it?
  • Why am I here–what shall I choose for my passions and purposes?

So much of what we believe was shaped by our cultures during childhood and the early years, mostly through observations, lessons, rules and other well-intended indoctrinations. But, as adults living in a society different in important ways from our early years, it’s possible, even likely that a few unconscious biases, prejudices, customs and/or traditions don’t quite align as well as earlier in life.

Exploring REAL wellness dimensions (i.e., reason, exuberance, athleticism and particularly liberty) can be an efficient and well organized way to put long held views through a valuable review process.