Natural Skin Care Company – Choose Carefully To Protect Your Skin

Many claim that they are a natural skin care company that manufactures products with organic formulas.

The fact is very few cosmetic companies have even one product that is fully natural, making their claims a mere facade in an attempt to gain more sales.

Few of you would probably be aware of the fact that the personal care industry is largely unregulated in terms of what ingredients they choose to use in the product making process.

One of the biggest lies they tell us is that moisturizers that are petroleum based are natural substances, and so they are good for your skin. But how can something that’s so dense that it can break down an oil processing machine be healthy for your skin? After all, this compound is just a byproduct of crude oil. It is actually too thick to moisturize your skin.

A truly genuine natural skin care company will not make use of ingredients that will not go deep down into your skin, to improve the way your skin looks and feels. Instead of these ineffective substances, they will use ingredients that will encourage the growth of new tissues.

A natural producer should make use of oils and waxes extracted from plants, which can penetrate and effectively treat even the hidden layers of your skin. These have antioxidants that can rid you of free radicals and repair the molecular damage done by these radicals.

These are components that can provide your skin the essential nutrients that it needs and so it can encourage the growth of new tissues. The result is that you will you have lesser lines and wrinkles.

Protein based formulas are also healthy for your skin. These contain natural antioxidants that stimulate the growth of connective tissues, thus healing your skin and leaving it healthier and younger looking.